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Due to the ever changing nature of federal, state and local tax laws, it is important to work with tax advisors who constantly stay abreast of new legislation. We attend regular training to ensure we are well equipped to deal with a multitude of tax issues. Additionally, we have the technical resources available which enable us to research areas where uncertainty exists.

As a client’s tax situation becomes more complex, it is wise to not attempt to navigate these tax laws on your own. We take hands on approach to solve our client’s tax problems. We believe that integrity and knowledge can collectively help us minimize your tax liability, while still following the tax laws.


In today’s complex business world, our clients demand more than traditional tax and accounting services. The benefits of working with a full service firm is that whatever your business need, we are either able to help you determine a solution, or we can help direct you to the appropriate professional which will fit your needs.

We provide contract CFO services to help clients determine solutions in a wide range of areas, including evaluating whether a company should the buy or lease office space or equipment, open a new location, strategic planning, and improve business efficiency.


Maintaining accurate accounting records is not only a requirement to prepare and provide support for tax returns, but they also can be a powerful management tool. Accurate books assist in evaluating the overall health of the company, including assessing cash flow needs, liquidity, and comparing the company against competitors in the same industry.

Well maintained books can serve as a valuable tool for establishing budgets. Often times a budget can be quickly prepared with accurate historical accounting information. Once  established, we can regularly monitor variances between actual performance and the budget, and make recommendations to achieve the goals in areas where the business is under performing.

In addition to providing accounting services to businesses, we also offer this service to high net worth individuals. These services include reconciling account activity for all bank, investment, credit card accounts; track monthly spending; assist with preparing a budget; provide monthly or quarterly financial statements. We also handle bill paying, keeping insurance policies up to date, etc.

Our firm has a Certified Quickbooks Pro Advisor which can help your company set up its accounting software, as well as maintain the data either weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.


There are many decisions to make when starting a business. For example, you must make a decision as to what type of entity the company will operate as. Of the various forms of entities available, each has unique strengths and weaknesses, which must be contemplated before making the final determination. Selecting the improper entity type could have dramatic tax or legal implications at a later date.

Additionally, you must notify the IRS and any states you plan to operate in, that you will be conducting business. We will walk you through the startup process, completing the forms to be filed and fees to be paid to both federal and state agencies. You can then focus your efforts on building and running your business, not filing forms.


Business Acquisitions. When considering acquiring a business, you cannot merely base your decision on the representations of the seller. You must to consult an experienced accounting professional to analyze and interpret the information provided by the seller. After examining the seller’s accounting records, source documents, and tax returns, we will compare the seller’s data against industry trends and financial ratios to help determine areas the company is under and over performing. We will also attempt to identify any risks such as unfiled tax returns. This information can be utilized to decide whether or not to continue down the road of acquisition, as well as negotiate the purchase price of the

Selling a Business. If you are selling a business, we can assist with the valuation to obtain the best possible price for the owners. We can help you through the negotiation process and formulating a buy/sell agreement.


An important part of our practice is resolving disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Revenue, Employment Security Department and Department of Labor & Industries, as well as other local tax jurisdictions. Whether you have been selected for audit and need representation, need guidance substantiating a position taken on a tax return, or simply want assistance replying to a notice requesting interest and penalties be abated, we can correspond with the appropriate authorities to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.


We can help ensure all federal, state and local income tax returns have been accurately filed, and appropriate documentation is maintained to support amounts reported and positions taken on the returns. We are available to continually monitor your tax situation on a regular basis, looking for opportunities to minimize tax and assist with calculation of quarterly tax obligations.

Additionally, we are available to assist you with understating the types of retirement plans you are eligible to participate in. We will explain the benefits of each type of plan, contribution limitations, timing for making contributions, and the tax savings to be expected.

For closely held businesses, we understand the importance of continually monitoring profitability and evaluating accounting methods to ensure the methods selected minimize tax liability. Furthermore, we communicate the impact an accounting method has on a taxpayer and how it affects current and future year’s tax liability.

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